Lost in Translation

We have been have a marvelously relaxing New Years weekend.  Nothing beats a long weekend.  I head back to work on Monday for two weeks of English winter camps, which I love, and then it’s winter vacation time, baby!

My Eats:

I started my morning off with this (repeat).  When something tastes this good I just want to keep eating more.

I had an insane craving for savory oats today.  This is only the second time I have made it, the first time was a huge fail, but I was willing to give it another go.  I kept it fairly simple; just some sweet potato, peppers, carrots, corn and peas, topped with a fried egg and ketchup.

Perseverance pays off.  It was much better the second time around.

And I actually had my hand at baking today.  The cat that I am babysitting has a little toaster oven in his house, so I decided to take advantage to it while I could.  I whipped up some “everything but the kitchen sink” oatmeal cookies and brought my dough downstairs to do some baking with my kitty friend.

I consider myself to be somewhat talented in the baking department, but when you throw in a toaster oven with a broken dial and Korean writing on it, things can get a little crazy.

Look what happened to my first batch..Eeek!

Oh No 😦

I adjusted things a little bit and kept on going.  The rest turned out just fine; thankfully!

I like to stuff as many things as possible into my cookies.  This batch included coconut, oatmeal, raisins, walnuts, almonds, M &Ms and cinnamon….Mmmm!

Dinner you would not want to see, trust me!

We decided to meet some friends for a movie.  Whenever we go to the movies at night we have a “popcorn dinner.”  I always bring my own stash of popcorn along that I pre-make on the stove top.  This batch was a delicious honey cinnamon.  Delicious, but a little embarrassing to admit that it was my dinner.

Funny Story:

This is the story that I hinted at in yesterdays post.

On New Years Eve I decided that I would go to the salon around the corner and get my hair styled before we went out for the night.  Getting one’s hair done in Korea is ridiculously cheap.  For about 5 or 10 dollars you can get what ever style you want; curls, straight, up-do etc.  For that cheap I say, why not!

I left the apartment around 2:30.  As I was sitting in the salon chair waiting for the stylist, I was going over in my head how I was going to explain what I wanted done.  All I wanted was a nice sleek straight look; a simple flat ironing job.  Language barriers can pose a challenge at times, but I have gotten quite good at communicating with body language and gestures, as well as my limited Korea.

So I explained to him that I wanted a “dry straight style,” pointing at the flat iron.  He says, “magic straight?” I say “no, not magic straight, just straight,” pointing again at the flat iron.  He says “magic straight” and gets to work.   (Magic straight is Korean speak for a Japanese straight perm)

Sheepishly I said nothing more and he got to work.

Remember how my hair usually looks like this?  (It goes straight and curly quite easily; this day was a curly day)

Well now it looks like this…

After sitting in the salon chair for 4  hours (Yep!) I had the nice sleek style I was going for.  It was quite the intense process.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but it felt endless.  I got the style that I was hoping for, but in quadruple the time 😉  I had a good laugh about the whole experience.  I got home at 6:30 just in time to get ready before we headed out for the night.  Adrian teased me a lot at this point.

I am not sure what my hair will look like in a couple days time, if it will be straight or back to normal, but I am liking it while it lasts.  It’s funny what can result from a little miscommunication.

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

Love C

p.s. Have you ever experienced any weird miscommunication problems or language barriers?





16 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

  1. Oh my gosh, you’re hair looks so good! Funny story, but at least it wasn’t a disaster!! When I was in Thailand, my boyfriend at the time and I went to a salon so I could get my nails done. He decided that he needed a haircut….an hour later, he looked like a 5 year old boy- it was hilarious!!

    Your food looks fantastic, and it takes talent to make cookies in a toast oven! Whew!

  2. I’m loving the hair. I totally want to know how long it lasts! 4 hours seems like maybe it’s a permanent straight? (good thing you like it!)

    Great cookies, wish I were there to snag one.

    Happy start of Winter Camp! Looking forward to some great pics! Happy New year!

    • Ha! I know. We’ll see what happens.
      I wish you were here too!
      p.s. Adrian is looking into new cameras, so you have some really
      good pics to look forward to.

  3. haha, thats awesome. I like it! Looks good. I used to live in hawaii and worked in the fitness field at the resorts. Lots of tourists and even the hawaiian language was hard to sort out. I once orded spam sushi on accident!

    • Ha, spam sushi!
      Spam totally grosses me out. Koreans use it a bunch in some stews and soups. It was introduced into the country by the Americans during the Korean war, unfortunately!

  4. Thats awesome! I wish they would misunderstand me here and give me a pretty wave perm for 5 to 10 bucks 😉

    I’ve been wanting to try savory oats I’ve just been debating what I will actually put in it…
    I’m thinkin like eggs, avacados, cheese, thats all I can think of that sounds good to me! Possible bacon too! Ca’t go wrong with bacon can ya! 😉

  5. I love that breakfast bowl…what all was in there??

    And your hair looks great! I would have been scared to death to have a miscommunication like that while getting my hair done, but it turned out really well for you! What a great story.

  6. Cara, I know I should be commenting on the food but I wanted you to know how great that hairstyle looks. You are gorgeous and it becomes you. I hope you had a great night out. Happy New Year. Blessings…Mary

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  8. Happy New Year and cute hair! I’m guessing that if “magic straight” involves chemicals of any sort and not just flat ironing, you’re gonna be straight for a while 🙂

  9. Your hair is beautiful (so shiny) both ways, but I do love the straight look! 🙂

    Oh gracious, growing up in China there were TONS of miscommunications. And of course many more when I first moved back to the States and my English was a little choppy, haha. If I come up with a really good one, I will definitely have to share it!

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