Happy day!

Today marked my last official day of teaching for this semester.  I am now on holidays for a month and a half and couldn’t be more happy.  I love teaching, but I was getting to the point where I was overtired and not fully there, which isn’t fair to the students or myself.  I will miss them to bits though.  These students are graduating and will not be with me when I return.

Thank goodness for vacation.  In one week I will be sprawled on a sunny beach in the Philippines.  Yippee!

Random Story:

Yesterday I was walking down a busy street near my house.  A street market was in full swing and there was much hustle and bustle everywhere.  Fresh fish, seaweed, fruit and vegetables galore; it was quite the spectacle.  There were old Korean ladies flooding the sidewalks, pushing their carts, attempting to haggle the best deals.  The smells were pungent and my eyes were darting every which way to take in all the excitement.

I purchased my big bag of red apples and kept walking.  My eyes were immediately drawn to a lady who was selling HUGE blocks of fresh homemade tofu.  I sampled a couple pieces and knew that I must buy some.   She was talking to me in Korean telling me how to cook the tofu and what to serve it with.  My Korean skills are mediocre, but I can understand a lot more than I can speak.  I’m nodded and smiled as she carried on.

Another lady and her friend approached the cart.  They were floored that me, a little foreigner, could comprehend what this woman is saying to me.  They say to me in Korean, “You understand what she is saying?” and I reply (in Korean) “yes, a little.” They were super impressed by this.  Both of the ladies started grabbing samples of tofu and began hand feeding it to me.  I eat one and then another and another, until I finally bow to them and say thank you, thank you, thank you and proceed on my way.

How random is that eh?  I don’t typically get hand-fed to on the street, but it made for an eventful afternoon.  It is these random occurrences that make me love Korea even more.

So with this said tofu I made the most glorious salad.  With some leftover curry, along with some extra veggies and lettuce, I enjoyed my new tofu that I worked so hard for 🙂

The tofu literally melted in my mouth, it was so creamy.  It has black sesame ground right into it, so the flavor is fantastic.  I hope that I will be able to find the tofu lady again.  I already want to go back fo more.

I am off to celebrate my newly found freedom with some friends.  A delicious dinner of Shabu-Shabu followed by some celebratory drinks. Should be a blast!

Happy Friday to you all.



p.s. Today is the last day to enter my workout dvd giveaway. Good luck!


18 thoughts on “Freedom!

    • Yeah! The experience probably would have freaked me out when I first came to Korea, but after living here for 2 years I am more used to those funny cultural things.

  1. That’s a great story! I’ve never had “fresh” tofu, I bet it was wonderful!

    That’s awesome that you can communicate… of course, I think it would be a necessity living in Korea. I can speak a *little* of a handful of languages from traveling, but have been trying to learn Hindi on my own, for years. I still plug along at it whenever I have the time.


      • I’ve had a lifelong fascination and interest in Indian culture, food, religion, etc. My dream trip to India is all planned, I just have to find the TIME to do it. I won’t go for less than 3 weeks.

        I also sponsor a young girl who lives in Kolkata and speaks Hindi, so I’d like to be able to write to her in Hindi, as opposed to English which then gets translated.


      • That’s really cool!
        Hopefully you can make the time for that trip; I am sure it would be
        life changing for you.

  2. Congrats on making it to vacation time! Have a great rest!

    That’s so funny about the tofu, I’ve never tried homemade tofu but I bet it’s amazing.

    • Thanks!
      My husband and I moved here for the job opportunities and the chance to experience
      something new. It is an amazing way to save money and have access to and the ability to
      travel to many surrounding countries. We love it!

  3. Pretty hysterical! Props to you for really understanding. I’d feed you some tofu too if I could because I’m so proud haha 🙂 Little old ladies always try to talk to me at the grocery store so this especially made me laugh because I could relate.

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