Leaving on a Jet Plane

A parting song for you…

“All my bags are packed I’m ready to go

I’m standing here in the freezing cold

I hate to make you jealous and say goodbye.

But the beach is waiting it’s time for a tan

The plane’s a waitin’ and I’ve got my man

I’m so excited to leave the cold that I could die!

So miss me and think of me

Tell me that you’ll wait for me

Please don’t forget my blog.

Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane

I know when I’ll be back again

Oh friends I’ll miss you so!”

Adrian and I are flying out tomorrow for the Philippines, so I bid you adieu.Ā  I am not too sure how accessible or reliable the internet will be while we are gone, so you may hear from me or you may not.Ā  I am sorry is it’s the latter šŸ™‚

I spent the afternoon packing.Ā  I was quite happy with all the piles of t-shirts, shorts, dresses I had organized, but when I shoved everything into my travel pack, it felt like I had packed a small child inside! How did this happen?Ā  I made a conscious effort to pack light, which is easier with summer clothes, but I guess I was unsuccessful šŸ˜¦

And ya know when you have your bags packed and are unwilling to sacrifice anything? That’s where I’m at.Ā  I think I may just pay the extra fee if my bag is overweight…we will see.Ā  It’s only the internal flights in the Philippines that I have to worry about; they only allow 10kg! What’s a girl to do?!

In any event, I am more than excited.Ā  If I could stuff you all in my bag I would!Ā  How fun would that be, eh?

One more thing before I go…

I had the most marvelous breakfast/lunch today.

Oatmeal crepes!

Make these while I am gone and think of me; they will change your life.Ā  All you need is 4 ingredients, along with your favorite crepe toppings, and you are good to go.Ā  Amazing!

Healthy Oatmeal Crepes:

  • Approx. 3/4 Cup Oatmeal

Put into the blender and blend until you have oat flour.

  • 1 Cup milk (any kind will do)
  • 2 Eggs (I did 2 eggs + 1 egg white)
  • pinch of salt

Toss into the blender with the oat flour and blend again.Ā  Let batter sit for about 10 mins.

Heat your pan with a little oil or butter and spoon about 3 Tbsp. of batter into the pan.Ā  Give the pan a good turn around to spread the crepe out nice and thin.Ā  Cook until golden brown on both sides; only a couple of minutes.

Top with fruit, PB, yogurt, jam, melted chocolate etc.Ā  The options are endless.

This breakie is packed with fiber and protein; I think it’s a winner!

Take care my friends!

Hopefully I will be able to send an update.




19 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane

  1. Happy travels, I hope you have a wonderful time!

    And how funny that you don’t like Tim Hortons coffee! Every cup I’ve ever gotten from there has been perfectly brewed…but I have to admit, I’ve only been to the Tim Hortons branches in the U.S. To each her own is right! šŸ˜‰

  2. Aww, I always think of that song every time I get on a plane! My dad is a huge John Denver fan so I grew up listening to a lot of his stuff.

    I’m hoping you’ll have internet access because otherwise I will definitely miss you! So find internet! šŸ˜‰

    Oh, and those crepes are beautiful!

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