Breakfast Fail.

I pre-prepped my breakfast before I went to bed.

I was excited and highly anticipating waking up in the morning to a glorious feast.

I thought I was a genius.  I thought I had discovered the next hit breakfast, but alas it was a fail.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it still tasted great, but it looked disastrous, fell apart and was nothing like how I envisioned.

So what is this said fail you might be asking…

Banana Barley Oatmeal pancakes.

I was attempting to re-create my Flour-less Oatmeal Pancakes, but I was running low on oatmeal and thought that I could sub in some barley in its place.

I was wrong.  Barley, while I love it to bits, does not have the same holding power as oatmeal.  I attempted to flip my little cakes in the pan and everything started to fall apart.  I had little barley flakes scattered all around the pan 😦

I did my best to reassemble them, but as you can see in this next picture, it was not great.

Oh well.

Better luck next time.

At least they tasted great.  That brown blob on the top was the kicker.  Coconut Jam that I bought  in the Philippines…Amazing!

Happy weekend to you all.



4 thoughts on “Breakfast Fail.

  1. Ha! For me, if it tastes good, then it’s in no way a fail.

    <— obviously not a food photographer

    My food is functional rather than pretty, but if I were as good at taking food photos as some bloggers, then I'd probably care a lot more when it wasn't pretty.

  2. there’s no way this can count as a fail- u should see some of the ones ive made that i have considered ‘not fails’ lol.. i was in denial cuz they were falling apart and looked like mush haha.

    plus it is hard to get barley to hold together huh! mmmm barley and oatmeal with banana- sounds like a winner ❤


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