Lovin’ Leftovers

Happy Weekend!

And a  happy weekend it is.

I only have one more week of teaching here in Korea, so there are lots of festivities going on. A big group of foreign English teachers will be out on the town  tonight celebrating together.  Should be a grand ol’ time.

Ya know what I love about weekends?

I adore waking up on Saturday mornings not having to rush around and get ready for work. Being lazy sometimes is a great feeling.  I started my day off with a strawberry banana green monster.

Though it’s still quite chilly in the mornings, I can no longer resist; green monsters are back in my breakfast rotation. Mmmm!

For lunch I was able to use up my leftover colcannon and turned it into colcannon pancakes with fried eggs on top. I love leftovers.

Dinner was some leftover spicy chickpea curry on top of salad.

We have sold the majority of our kitchenware to other foreigners, so  I worked very hard to stuff this  salad and curry into this little bowl (the only dish I have left).  It worked.

The best thing about leftovers is that, most of the time, they taste a lot better than when you first served them.  A day or two in the fridge gives the flavors in your leftovers lots of times to mingle around. Love it!

What’s your favorite leftover dish?

On another random note; I went to the coolest bar last night that I have ever been to.  It had the coolest atmosphere;  so chill.  I can’t believe that I have lived here for a year and have never been before.  Man I have been missing out.  I will have to go again before we leave.

It felt like a little dream-like world. A sort of “Midsummer Nights” vibe.

We went with a couple of our good friends and were seated in a raised cozy nook.  Seated on tons of fluffy pillows, it’s  the perfect place to relax and have a drink. I love finding unique places like this.

I am going to get ready for my night out.

Have a fabulous Saturday and take time to truly enjoy the day.




18 thoughts on “Lovin’ Leftovers

    • Yeah we are moving back to Canada.
      We will be traveling around for a couple of months (gotta do it while we can)
      and then returning home at the end of May. I am sad to leave, but am
      looking forward to the change.

      • How long have you been teaching over there?! I actually considered going to teach – I think it was in Thailand or Malaysia? But I wasn’t sure…others said it could be very isolating depending on where you were. Also, I was hoping it could help me pay off my loans faster – but apparently not 😦

        Your from Canada?! Sound like a fun night!

      • If you ever have the chance to teach internationally you should! You just have to choose the right country. Korea was a great choice for us because the government pays for your flights to and from, as well as your living. In our first year of living here we were able to pay off ALL of our student loans and that was
        living comfortably, not frugally. So this year we have just been able to save up. It has been a great experience for sure.
        And yes, I am from Ontario.

  1. Awesome digs! I wish we had gone there! Where was it? How did you find it? What did you drink?! Some beautiful drink, I imagine.

    Left overs are awesome! Take that naan bread of your we made! We had pizza on it and used it as a taco shell for bean tacos! It was great! Good recipe too, nice and soft!

    I’m playing around with alternative whole grain flours (barley, oat, brown rice, spelt) and just figured out how to make a healthy (vegan, even!) pie crust! That’s exciting.

    And speaking of green monsters, I have totally been on a sweet potato pie smoothy kick! I even got some eco-friendly smoothie cups that look like you’ve bought some ridiculously expensive drink from starbucks! I’ll have to do a photoshoot with it soon.

    Check out the moon, it’s huge!

    • It’s the Ethnic Cafe; it’s right near Mr. Pizza downtown. I wish you could have been there too!
      We tried some interesting fruit sojus( kiwi and strawberry) , but they also had lots of fun cocktails.
      I saw the pic of your pie, it does look fantastic.
      I look forward to seeing some more smoothie pics in your new cups.

  2. I’ve started drinking iced coffee again and I love it! I feel you on the cooler foods. I like eggplant parm leftovers mmm! That bar looks like so much fun, I love quirky little places like that.

  3. So get this. I don’t think I realized until reading this post, you were teaching in Korea!! I taught English in the South of France during the 2007-08 school year! 🙂

    That curry looks sooooo tasty btw 🙂

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