Eating my way through the weekend

I have been enjoying a super lazy weekend.

We finished our teaching contract this past Thursday and have been celebrating our newly found freedom.  It still feels quite unreal that we are finished and that we must move onto the next thing; it is definitely a bittersweet adjustment.

Adrian and I celebrated together on Friday night at a delicious restaurant that had a huge salad bar.  I was in heaven.  When a salad bar is in sight, I dominate it with all my might 🙂

I consumed an array of veggies, smoked salmon, (I probably ate a whole fish myself), tofu, fruit etc.  It was joyous!

Green tea and vanilla yogurt swirl for dessert. Yes, self serve fro-yo was part of the buffet! How dangerous is that?!


Other eats that I consumed over the course of the weekend:

Veggie stuffed omelette with a side of sweet potatoes.

Leftover chili from the freezer (re-heated) and put on top of some salad greens.

Cinnamon barley oats topped with coconut jam.

Sweet potato and squash salad topped with a poached egg.  Dressed with a couple of spices and fresh lemon.


I love weekends and the freedom I have with my cooking and eating.

I have only 3 more days in my apartment and then it’s no more cooking for me for about 2 months; how crazy is that?  We will be living our of cheap hotels and hostels till we get home, so I will most likely be eating a lot of cereal, fruit and salads till we leave Korea, and then lots of yummy South East Asian cuisine, which I can’t complain about.

Another eating adventure awaits.

Enjoy the finale of your weekend.



12 thoughts on “Eating my way through the weekend

    • We will travel around Korea for a little bit (with my parents) and then Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.
      Should be quite the adventure!

  1. Ahhhh that fro-yo is killing me! You can bet I would go nuts with that at a buffet- skip dinner and go straight for dessert! Everything looks very yummy 🙂 Have a fun couple of months!!

    • I am in love with the coconut jam. I bought it when I was in the Philippines.
      Coconuts are one of their major exports, so the amount of products coconut
      finds it way into is uncountable (no complaints here).
      And interestingly enough, coconut oil is the main oil that Filipinos cook with. Cool eh?

  2. Amazing Cara! You are SO lucky to be able to travel like that. I know you guys will have such a great time. I love buffets too, especially when there is dessert involved 🙂

    • I know, that fro-yo is an amazingly dangerous thing…I had two wonderful servings!
      As for the omlettes, I reallt have no special technique that I am aware of…The only
      thing I can think of is that I don’t flip the omlette in half until it’s throughly cooked through.
      Maybe that does it?

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