One Month Four Countries

Hello my dear friends!

Oh how I’ve missed thee. 

Being absent from the blogging world for over a month is a weird thing; I feel so disconnected.  Though I am not back to my blogging routine full-time yet, as I am still in Thailand at the moment, I thought that I would start getting back into the swing of things with a little trip re-cap.

I won’t bore you with all the little details, mostly I  just want  to share some pics and fun stories.

Adrian and I have been traveling through four countries over the course of this past month (April/May) and have been having a rockin’ time.  It’s too much to tell you about all countries in one post, so I will start with where our trip began. 

Our great voyage started in South Korea with my parents coming to visit. 

We had a fabulous time showing my parents around Korea, doing our best to squeeze all of our favorite things and food into one week. From the East to West coast we traveled and then South to North; lucky for us Korea is quite small! It was a great opportunity for us to show my parents where we have been doing, where we having been living, what we have been eating etc. 

Not many people know that much about South Korea, but it sure has a lot to offer.  From the most delicious cuisine, to gorgeous beaches, to huge mountains; it’s a beautiful place to live. Lucky for my parents, they arrived right as the cherry blossoms were popping.

Look at this spread!

We had dinner one night in this great lodge on the side of the mountain; a delicious feast.  All the veggies and greens were picked from the mountainside.

From the mountainous coastline…

to the beautiful beach.

(You should see this beach in the summer; it’s crazy.  This beach still holds the world record for the most amount of sun umbrellas on a beach…Koreans are quite terrified of the sun and darkened skin. So many umbrellas are scattered that you can’t see any sand!)

A lunch break of spicy seafood stew; one of our favorite meals.  The base of the broth is similar to Japanese miso, but it’s extra spicy with the addition of Korean hot peppers…Mmmm!

Fish stew…this was at the end of the meal, we didn’t eat the heads!  We saw these guys swimming around in the tank before our meal; doesn’t really get any fresher than that.

They look a little scary, but they tasted great!

More seafood! This fish market on the south coast of Korea, in Busan, is one of the biggest in all of Asia. Lots of interesting underwater creatures to gawk at.

Lots and lots of temples to see.

Guess where we went next?

North Korea!

Well, not exactly, cause I don’t want to die, but we did do a tour of the DMZ.  This North Korea soldier stands there looking through his binoculars at the South Korean side, making sure we were keeping in line.

Adrian blends right in, eh?

A few pictures from a great journey.

Sorry for the length and the amount of pictures…I just like to share what I can.

Today is our last day in Chiang Mai and we are taking an overnight train to Bangkok.  We fly out of Bangkok on Saturday to Vancouver…making a little pit stop to visit my oldest brother….then we will be venturing on to Ontario.  I am so excited to be back at home. Boy am I ready for the comforts of home again. Just a long train ride and an extremely long flight to endure…We can do it!

See you again soon.

My next post will be dedicated to our time in Cambodia.  A amazingly beautiful an extremely sad country.

Take Care.



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    • Yeah, we had no problem taking pictures…the only restrictions were on some of the buildings. I guess that had to do with security measures.

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