We finally made it home!

A 14 hour night train, a 14 hour flight, another 5 hour flight and a 2 hour drive…Man alive!

And boy does it feel good to be here.

I love the comforts of home…sitting with the fam in the kitchen, cooking a meal together, lazing around etc.  Nothing can beat it.

Any guesses on what I have been craving the most to get home to?

Maybe chocolate, cheese, bread…

I have been dying to get myself into the kitchen and start creating things.  I have lived without an oven for two years and it has been way toooo long.  This baking chick is ready to get back in their and create some yummy treats.  I think I will start with some cookies and muffins…I’ll keep you posted on that one.

I have lots of recipe perusing before I decide.  Recommendations are quite welcome!

You may be bored of my travel pics by now, but I am going to share some pics from Vietnam with you.

Vietnam is a great country.  Very busy and lively, but a fun place to be.  We began in the south and traveled all the way to the top.  Vietnam is a very skinny, but VERY long country, so traveling around took a long time.  We used a bunch of night buses to get us up the coast….double duty; accommodation for the night and travel in one!

Vietnam has a lot to offer; good food, cheap accommodation, great sights, cheap clothes etc.  We definitely could have spent more time their.  We only had about 12 days or so to get from bottom to top, which did feel a little rushed at times.  We enjoyed it thoroughly nonetheless.

A lot of houses down in the south are on stilts.  It always makes me laugh when I see all the TV antennas.

Water markets! They are so much fun.  You just pull your boat up to any of the boats and buy whatever fresh fruit you are craving.  We got a couple huge watermelon, which were divine.

The traditional Vietnamese hat.

This woman was making incense; such a cool process to watch.

Mmmmmm!  Need I say more?

Huge jackfruit.

More markets

Cooking class

Fresh spring rolls.  We even made the rice paper from scratch.

Savory pancake

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

Fish Stew

Cooling off with  a lemon lassi.

I thought I would like Vietnam the most, out of the three countries we visited, but some places left me wanting more.  I liked the food, but didn’t love it, the people we nice, but not as nice as Thai’s and Cambodian’s and the tourist scamming was awful! Every time we ventured into a taxi or a tuk-tuk we had to hold onto our bags with dear life and keep a constant eye on the meter.  Many of the meters are rigged, which is super annoying. One thing I was definitely not sad to leave. If only we could travels freely with no worries…but I guess that’s all part of traveling, eh?

I am off to surround myself in cookbooks…Oh yeah!

Love C


6 thoughts on “Vietnam

  1. Good post, great pictures, and interesting last paragraph. I actually found Vietnam to be very refreshing and much less “tourist scammy” than most countries. Compared to Thailand and Cambodia, I think I would say Vietnam has the best food, as well as the cheapest. …not that Thailand or Cambodia are bad by any means.


    • I guess each traveler has a different experience, eh? My feelings surrounding Vietnam are most likely due to the fact that it was
      the last country that we visited and I was sick of all the scamming stuff…I guess it just hardened me a bit.
      My favorite place in Vietnam though was in the Mekong Delta; we did a lovely home-stay there, definitely my fav. experience.

  2. This must have been such an incredible experience…that water market looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing your travels with us…and welcome home! 😉

  3. I love the “insider” look at all of these places that you visited! Your photos are seriously amazing (I know I say this all the time!) And very scary that it is so crazy there! Glad you made it home safely.

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