Good Day!

What a beautiful day it is.  Sunny and about 35 degrees Celsius; I think I brought the Thailand warmth home with me.

I have been home in Ontario for about a week now and I am loving it (beside the fact that I have to unpack…I HATE unpacking).  There is something about being in a familiar environment that is so comforting.

I have conquered my jet lag and the flu and am back to my normal self.  I felt like I had been lying/ sitting for a week straight, so it feels amazing to be able to be active again.   My body definitely needed the healing time, but I felt so Bleh having to be so inactive.

None of that anymore, I have whipped out my jumping rope and have been doing lots of hopping around.  If you are bored of your cardio routine, try skipping, it’s super fun!  Makes me feel like a kiddo again.  I like to do different intervals of intensity with my jump rope as well as different jumping styles.  I still trip all over myself, but it’s a great workout!

Once I regained my strength I plowed into the kitchen on a mission to make anything and everything .  I was up for baking, cooking, BBQ-ing; anything that I could make myself..  Traveling is great, but having to eat at restaurants almost three meals a day for 2 months can be trying at times.  I am  not a picky person, but I do like to have some control of my diet, which is tricky with constant restaurant eating.

So being back at home, in my mother’s lovely stocked kitchen, is a dream.

I have gotten back into eating oatmeal for breakie.  It had been a while! Boy how I missed a good bowl of oats.

And Green Monsters of course.

I may have chosen the wrong bowl for this.  I ended up having to sip it from the edges so that it would not volcano onto the table.

Yummy Quinoa salad.

And Cookies!

My first baking endeavor and it was a success.  The recipe I used was inspired by Angela.  Check out her recipe.  The only changes I made were not adding the banana and I added in some chocolate chips.  These cookies are so soft and moist; a winner indeed. As the resident baker in my family, everyone was quite happy to have me back after biting into a couple of these.

I have concocted a bunch of other things as well and have either been too lazy to take a picture or have completely forgot…sorry!  But rest assured  there will be lots more yummy things to come.

I am off to watch The Bachelorette.  I am a little embarrassed to admit that, but a girl has to have her guilty pleasures, right?!  Hopefully you can still love me despite my love for trashy TV.

Take Care,



8 thoughts on “Home

  1. oh phew! all recovered and home. best feeling in the world. And it looks like you got some baking done too. nice!

  2. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling good and enjoying your time at home! It must feel great to be back in the kitchen again — all your creations look delicious!

  3. Welcome home Cara! I hope you are feeling better soon. What foods did you miss the most?? Sorry if you answered that already. I hate unpacking as well, I seriously will let my suitcase sit there for weeks!

  4. noticed in your comment on OSG that you were camping in elora – i live in waterloo, so had to say hi!
    laughing because i do that all the time with bowls and mugs: fill them to the brim and then am stuck with sipping!
    welcome home from your travels!

    • Thanks for saying Hi!
      I actually live in Elora; my family and I were doing a close to home camping adventure.
      Nice to know that some fellow bloggers are in the area. I love Waterloo.

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