Chef in Training


Hello all!

Myself and this blog are still alive.  I have taken a very very long hiatus from blog writing, but thought it was only fair to let you know what I have been doing with my time.

Since September I have been embarking on a journey to become a chef.  I am attending school in Toronto, ON and am loving it.   It has been so much fun to be a student again, especially in a very interactive and hands-on learning environment.

I have always had a keen interest in cooking, baking and recipe testing and have loved taking these interests  to the next level and honing in on some new skills.  I have never chopped, julienned, brunoised, and diced so many vegetables in my life!  Let alone butcher all cuts of meat, case sausages and fillet ginormous slimy fish.

The thing I love most about being in a culinary program is that you are continually learning new things.  Whether it’s a tidbit on how to make green vegetables more vibrant or how to ensure a perfect pasta dough, the information is endless.

Being immersed a field that is constantly changing as food trends come and go is exciting. It is never stagnant and there is always more to be aware of…and I am very willing to learn!

I will do my best to keep you up to date on what’s is on my plate, both at school and at home.

This coming week I am not sure if you want to know the details….we are working on sweet breads and calf liver…Mmmm!  I am trying to keep an open mind 😉

Have a super weekend!

If you could go to school or go back to school for anything, what would it be?


6 thoughts on “Chef in Training

  1. That’s so exciting that you’re going to school to become a chef! Based on how your food looks, you’ll be a great one 🙂

    If I could go back to school for anything, it would be a dietitian. And that’s what I’m going! I’m starting back in the fall and I cannot wait!

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