Indian Inspired Naan Pizza

Prepared naan bread is great for so many different uses, such as a bruschetta base, wraps, and especially for grilled pizzas.

Naan bread is a super thing to have stashed in your freezer, so if you are in a dinner bind or can whip a couple out and make a lovely dinner in no time.

The toppings for naan pizzas are as many as your mind can imagine.  You can stick to the traditional pizza toppings (pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, basil, olives etc.) or be a little more creative and fuse a bunch of ingredients together. 

For my naan pizzas I wanted to stick with an Indian-ish theme.  I added about 2 tsp. of curry paste to my tomato sauce and grilled some tofu and chicken that were marinated in curry paste and lime juice, and tossed on some lightly sauteed zucchini, asparagus, and mango.

The reason this meal is so great (other then the deliciousness factor) is that as soon as you have your toppings prepared and loaded onto your naan, it only takes a couple of minutes for your cheese to melt and then you are good to go!  

Use whatever vegetables, or fruit for that matter, that you have in your fridge, to make a quick and easy grilled naan pizza.

To serve you can top with fresh basil or cilantro and hot sauce.  I drizzled mine with a cilantro yogurt.



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