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My name is Cara and I am a trained chef and recipe developer and I have a passion for food!

I love cooking, baking and experimenting with food; throwing ingredients together and making new and delicious creations. I  love being inspired by a recipe and then altering to make it more healthy; it’s a fun challenge. So if there is any recipe you would like to see on this blog, just let me know.

I have a healthy and nutritious outlook on my diet and life.  I strive to eat healthy and exercise, but I never neglect my constantly nagging sweet tooth.  I eat what I crave, but always do so in moderation.  Eating is something that we do everyday, so why not enjoy it!

I love to exercise, but I hate running! I have found other ways to exercise which are just as good and keep me interested and motivated. Hats off to bodyrock.tv who keep me motivated to make time for exercise everyday!

There are so many things that I crave out of life that I hope that I can share with you on this blog.



34 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so glad you commented on my blog because it brought me to yours! I love it so far, and can’t wait to hear all about your foodie adventures in Korea! I’m not a runner either, and love a huge bowl of cereal, so i think we definitely have some things in common 😉 look forward to reading more

  2. Hey!

    I found your blog through one of your comments on Fitnessista’s blog (I was reading about her awesome looking Thanksgiving feast). I’m teaching in Korea now and read a ton of Korea blogs and fitness blogs (KERF, HEAB, and all the rest) but you’re the first blog I’ve stumbled across that combines the two worlds – neat!

  3. It’s so cool that you are living in South Korea right now? How is the World Cup spirit over there?! I’m in Germany currently and it is crazy! -Vicky(vdubb.wordpress.com)

    • Yeah, it’s crazy here too!
      When South Korea played against Greece and won the other weekend, it was like mayhem!
      Not sure how much farther the Koreans will advance, but there is still lots of hope from
      the Koreans, of course 🙂

  4. You commented on my blog a while back, and I’m now having a chance to poke around the blogs of people who stopped there.

    …I feel deliriously inept in my kitchen now, having seen some of these posts. Could I convince you to visit Incheon? Or somehow ship something you’ve made? Most of my kitchen skills require an oven and something more expansive than what I’ve got in my apartment, a bummer for me.

    • I can totally relate with the lack of oven thing…just means I have to be more creative!
      I am trying to think of something I could send you…?!

    • Hi Jenn!
      Thanks for stopping by.
      I am from Canada, from a small town in southern Ontario, just north of Guelph.
      Hopefully I will hear from you again soon 🙂

  5. Hi! I do not like running either, but I love exercise! I have an adventurous take on food, too and I love trying new things!

    Just found your blog, can’t wait to read more!

  6. I came across your site on gracefulfitness and am excited to read more! I have many Korean friends and have even thought about teaching English in Korea so I am looking forward to exploring your blog and learning about your experience.

    • Awesome!
      My husband and I love it here in Korea. I would recommend this experience to anyone. (as long as you are teaching at the right place)
      If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Being here for a couple of years now; I now know the ins and outs of the system.

  7. Hi Cara!
    I stumbled across your blog from another blog that I read today and then proceeded to read your whole entire archive! My husband and I are thinking of going to Korea to teach for a year and I was wondering if you could give us some insight. Things like public/private schools, what area, what organization you went through to find jobs. My email is pamcaristo@gmail.com if you have a second.

    I was so excited to find your blog!! You are doing exactly what we hope to be doing next year!

  8. Love your About section! I love ice cream and pizza too – and yes Home-Made pizza rocks! I’m currently living in Ontario – but not from here originally. I would give my heart to travel, but my student loans prevent that – for about the next 20 years or so 😉

    Nice to “meet” you.

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