Cara Eats…

I love food!

I love cooking it, smelling it, eating it and looking at it.

The topic of food is so exciting to me.  I can endlessly read recipes online and mindlessly flip through cookbooks for hours….My bedtime book of choice; usually a cookbook 🙂  I am one of those people who looks forward to a trip to the grocery store.  I can spend hours walking up and down the aisles formulating recipes in my head.  If it weren’t for the other customers I would probably skip and frolic around with glee.

My love for food came from my mother.  As far back as I can remember, Saturdays mornings were spent in the grocery store and then hours more were spent at home with me perched on the counter top watching her cook.  I love how someone else’s passion can be contagious. I thank my mother a hundred times over for inspiring me to be creative with food and to really and truly LOVE IT! xox

I had another day off from work today, I know, do I ever work? The students headed off on a field trip and VP decided that I did not need to be involved.  No complaints here. The students were being taken on a hiking trip/picnic.  Spending a day with hundreds of moody Korean kids who hate the outdoors…no thank you!  They complain so much about having to be active, it kills me.  I just laugh at them.

I am not usually one to account for my daily eats on my blog, but with the extra time on my hands today I thought I would share what a somewhat normal day of eating looks like for me…just for kicks!

Today is a little bit of an exception as I did not eat lunch in the school caf.  I will have to show you what a middle school caf. lunch looks like in Korea another day.  (Very different from anything you would find in North America, to say the least).

As per usual breakfast started with a lovely bowl of oats.  I am still reaping the benefits of my apple butter, which is the perfect oat topper.

My morning was pretty chill:  workout, laundry, cleaning, studying, Top Chef Just Desserts watching.

I needed a little replenishment after my workout, so I cooled myself off with a chocolate protein shake.

Lunch was one of my favs…A veggie filled omlette (1 egg, 2 egg whites) with sweet potato disks and a puddle of ketchup on the side.

I ran a bunch of errands in the afternoon. Nothing too exciting.  I wandered around the foreign foods  section of the grocery store for a while (like I said, food excites me).  I didn’t buy anything, but I was tempted.  Foreign foods come at quite the price in Korea, but sometimes, just sometimes, when you are missing home, it’s worth the splurge.

Pre-dinner I snacked on this beautiful guy.  Adrian walked in the door as I was cutting it up, so I shared half with him.  The sacrifices one must make when they are married 🙂


Hello beautiful!


Dinner was the highlight of my day for sure.  You can never go wrong with fresh veggies and good flavors.  I was full and content when this plate was  finished, but I think I could have eaten two more plates solely for the deliciousness factor.

I know I’m not alone in this, but I always have to have something sweet to finish things off.  Today’s sweet treat was chocolate strawberry banana soft serve. This mug of soft serve was the “dogs tuxedo!” ( Sex and the City quote – Charlotte’s boyfriend used this  instead of saying “the cat’s pajamas.” I dig it)

That’s all she wrote my friends.

Thanks for joining me on my day of eating.  It’s nothing to call home about, but it’s still fun to share with you all.

Take care and have a marvelous day! Go and treat yourself to something sweet.



13 thoughts on “Cara Eats…

  1. Yummy eats, thanks for sharing your day with us! Dinner definitely looks hearty, nourishing, and delicious! Can’t go wrong with banana soft serve…delicious!

  2. I’m totally the same way about food- I think going grocery shopping is sooo fun, I could spend hours in the store. I love cookbooks and although I have so many, I just can’t help buying more!!

    Your daily eats look great! It’s nice that you got the day off 🙂

  3. I love going food shopping too! It is actually dangerous when I go to the grocery store because I spend way more money than I intended to… oops! But it’s all so good! I can never decide what I want! – Vicky @

  4. Love that you shared this! I am obsessed with food and I am right there with you on loving grocery store trips. I really go to the grocery store more than any other store. I never thought about there being a foreign food section in Korea and having American food…what kind of things do they have?!

  5. Hee hee, I didn’t realize Korean kids are lazy! but then, that’s the culture…they’re constantly told to sit on their butt and study!

    And my bedtime story of choice is a cookbook, too. With a notebook because soemtimes I wanna jot down ideas! 🙂

  6. I get excited going to specialty stores too! Its so fun just thinking about what you can cook up. I HATE following recipes but I love looking through cookbooks because they give me such great ideas.

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